Reenactors Speak to Lincoln High ROTC Cadets

John & FredThe Lincoln Association of Jersey City sponsored the appearance of Civil War reenactors, who portray the 6th US Colored Troops, for the Army Jr. ROTC Cadets at Lincoln High School in Jersey City. The date was Friday March 7, 2014 The photos here show some of the Cadets, the reenactors, and some of the artifacts they brought with them. The other photo is of Col. John Gundy (RLHS3LHS2LHS1LHS4et), former Commander of the 69th Infantry and Sgt. Major Fred Minus who had two grandfathers serving with the Colored Troops in the Civil War.

Sgt. Major Minus spoke about the history of black soldiers in the Civil War and the difficult time they had in trying to serve in the Union Army. It was different in the Navy where some of the Union warships had all black crews.

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