Visit the Official Civil War Web Site

The website of the official committee to commemorate the start of the Civil War is

At that site you can order a copy of the book “New Jersey Goes To War” to read the brief biographies of 149 New Jersey Citizens (and one New Jersey horse) whose lives were changed dramatically by the conflict.

Subsequent publications available are “Gone For  A Soldier”, a catalog of the exhibits which were in the Macculloch Hall Historical Museum in an exhibit in 2011 and 2012, “New Jersey At Gettysburg“, a guide for residents of New Jersey visiting the battlefield, “New Jersey Civil War Odyssey”, a collection of essays relating untold and long forgotten tales of New Jerseyans and how they coped with the Civil War and its memory, and “Discover Your Community’s Civil War Heritage“, a comprehensive and up-to-date manual for those wishing to research the stories of their own community’s Civil War veterans..

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