Norwegians Drive the Lincoln Highway

Corvettecadillac'60CadillacMustangEldoradoParticipantsOn Monday morning, July 1, 2013 at 10:00 AM. approximately 80 American Classic cars from the 1970 time frame started a cross-country trip on the Lincoln Highway. These cars were shipped here from Norway where American cars are in demand as collectible items. They are not in Museums, but driven for enjoyment in what was called here years ago, pleasure trips.

The Norwegians will take 26 days to cross the country on the Lincoln Highway taking time to visit places of interest and American History. Such is the appeal of our 16th President and the highway named in his honor 100 years ago.

Their website is The photos below were taken at their hotel in Secaucus the day before they were to  leave. Notice the support staIMG_0565ff, spare parts, and tow truck. LincolnSting Ray

partsOldsmobilecrew truck

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