Reenactors Speak to Lincoln High ROTC Cadets

John & FredThe Lincoln Association of Jersey City is again sponsoring the appearance of Civil War reenactors, who portray the 26th US Colored Troops, for the Army Jr. ROTC Cadets at Lincoln High School in Jersey City. The date is Thursday February 2 at 2:00 PM. The photos here show some of the Cadets, the reenactors, and some of the artifacts they brought with them. The other photo is of Col. John Gundy (RLHS3LHS2LHS1LHS4et), former Commander of the 69th Infantry and Sgt. Major Fred Minus who had two grandfathers serving with the Colored Troops in the Civil War.

Sgt. Varick Harris is the Advisor assigned to the ROTC program at Lincoln High.

For the Centennial of World War 1, the Association is inviting for the year 2018, reenactors portraying the 369th Infantry, the Harlem Hell Fighters. The 369th is still an active part of the National Guard in New York City and the 42nd Division. The exact date will be announced.

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