Annual Statue Ceremony

Lincoln the Mystic-2.jpgOn Saturday, February 12, 2022, at 1:00 PM at the statue of Abraham Lincoln at the entrance of Lincoln Park, Kennedy Boulevard and Belmont Avenue in Jersey City, Vice President Ms. Ruth Mitchell will host the monument ceremony. 

The ceremony will conclude with a placing of a wreath at the monument. Light refreshments will be served. This ceremony is a free public service open to all.

It has been held here every year since its dedication in 1930, despite wars, turmoil and weather. 

The Association’s Annual Lincoln dinner, the height of the area’s social and civic season, will be held the same evening. Reservations here

Here’s a page of information about this unique memorial to the man who lead the fight to preserve the United States. 

Here’s more about this special monument. 

Here’s an article from the annual wreath laying ceremony.


A postcard of the statue is a collectable

Entrance to Lincoln Park, Jersey City, New Jersey, showing Lincoln statue